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4th of July Interchangeable

4th of July Interchangeable

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Truck with Decor or Add On Only

This Interchangeable Truck is the perfect way to show off your love for all things Summer!!

 One thing that drives me crazy about decorating is that when the season or holiday is over, you have to pack up your favorite decor for a year! Not any longer.

 This adorable but beefy truck is just shy of 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide! Choose from either a distressed grey or distressed red truck!

 There are THREE separate hand painted pieces that you can change out for each season and holiday! Each piece is held on by its own magnet which makes it super easy to switch yet holds each piece securely in place.

 This truck has its own stand for easy display too!

 When you bring home this adorable truck, it will be decked out with our Liberty Bell, with the crack even, fireworks, and of course a cool popsicle too! It also has a tailgate sign that says "4th of July", and a personalized license plate that says "1776"!!

The other seasons and holidays are called "Add-ons". Each Add On is hand painted as well, and each is $24. You can find the Add-ons available in my Interchangeable Holiday and Seasonal Truck Section on the left of my page.

 I am consistently adding new items for your new truck, so check back often!

Made in La Farge, Wisconsin. Free shipping within the USA!

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